1. Sign into your MedAll for Organisations account

  2. Click events > click your event

  3. Click "create feedback form" and set up a feedback form (if you haven't done so already).

  4. You can then share your feedback form in 4 ways:

  • With registered attendees (automatically send a feedback request to all those who registered using MedAll registration)

  • With a link (share on the event chat)

  • With a QR code - so it can just be scanned and used on any device

  • Via email - copy and paste the attendees email addresses from a spreadsheet

For hybrid and face-to-face events we recommend sharing feedback forms and automatically award certificates using the "registered" attendees option.

For face-to-face events where you have not taken registration in advance, you can also share the feedback form using the QR code method- just place the QR code on a large screen at the end of the event or on posters around the venue.

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