MedAll Social Poster halls help you to:

  • Go green. No waste and much more convenient for you and your poster presenters alike.

  • Reduce printing costs.

  • Increase visibility. Allows you to open the poster hall up for viewing before the conference- creating buzz and increasing opportunity for conversation before, during and after the event.

How to use Social Poster Halls at your Face-to-Face event:

1: Set up your poster hall and invite delegates to add their poster

  • Read how you can set up your poster hall here

2. Share your poster hall

  • Login to your MedAll for Organisations account

  • Click events > Click the event which you have set up your poster hall on

  • When there are posters in your poster hall you will see the option to "share the poster hall"

You will see a number of methods to share your poster hall.

For face to face events we recommend sharing with a QR Code, and placing the QR code around the venue for delegates to scan, view and interact on their own devices.

Sharing your social poster hall before your event:

You can also send the link (we recommend sending the version with the embedded code) in advance of the event to delegates to get the conversation going before the event.

Sharing your social poster hall during your event:

  • Print out and display images of your QR code around the venue or feature them on screens around the venue. Delegates can scan them at any time and access and interact on the poster hall from their own personal device.

  • Add your social poster hall to plasma screen TVs for your event by accessing the link on a connected device or internet on the plasma screen TV an iPad or tablet to each screen so your attendees can scroll through at their leisure.

  • Gather around a plasma screen to host interactive poster discussions.

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