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How do I re-use a customized feedback form or certificate on another event?
How do I re-use a customized feedback form or certificate on another event?
We show you how to duplicate/copy a feedback form and certificate
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If you using an organisation account to collect feedback for an organisation event:

For live events:

To set up your feedback form, add an event and when you have set up an event then click "create a feedback form" - it will automatically generate a best practice feedback form but you can edit this, move questions around, delete questions (or all of the questions) and add your own questions so you can have a completely custom form.

If you have a form from an event that you want to use again at another event just duplicate the event. To do this click on the event in your organisation account > then click the copy icon and you will be able to duplicate the feedback form and Certificate templates you used previously.

For feedback for on demand videos

We also offer the ability to create a template but just for on-demand videos at the moment. On your organisation account head to "templates" to set this up.

Then when adding catch up content just select the template that you would like to add to your video.

If collecting feedback as an individual:

Head to training > feedback > set up a feedback form on an event then just click the little page icon beside the session you want to reuse the form for > click copy. This will copy across the questions to a new event. You can still edit the details to set up the new event but it will copy across all your questions.

Happy event planning!

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