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How do I get a certificate/letter for my poster?
How do I get a certificate/letter for my poster?
If the conference you have a poster at is using MedAll they can use it to distribute all the letters of recognition.
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After the event, the organisation running your poster hall may award letters of recognition to evidence your presentation.

To collect your letter of recognition, once your organisation awards this, it will appear automatically on your account.

Go to and login.

Click you profile picture top right of the screen

Click achievements

Scroll to "presentations." Click on the PDF icon and you will see the PDF copy of your letter of recognition.

If the organisation has documented that you won a prize on MedAll the document will also contain information confirming that you won the prize.

If your document doesn't appear we recommend reaching out to the organisation who awarded it to ask if they could automatically award all the certificates- this may not happen until after the event as the timing is at the organisation's discretion.

You can also share this letter of recognition with co-authors by clicking "share with co-authors".

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