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Set up a MedAll for Organisations account
Set up a MedAll for Organisations account

How to create an account for you Organisation on MedAll and add your team members

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Welcome πŸ‘‹ we're so glad to have you and your Organisation as part of the MedAll Community. Organisations are a really powerful way to use MedAll, as you can utilise all of our features, involve your team and teach and train your members.

1️⃣ Getting Started

This will take you to the below screen:

2️⃣ Sign in or Sign up

πŸ‘ If you already have an individual MedAll account, go to 'Sign in' at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to log in with your existing account username and password linked to your personal account, and then create the organisation.

βœ‹ If you don't have a MedAll account, you'll need to create one. Enter your details in the wizard, and when completed, click 'Sign up'.

3️⃣ Verify your medical or student credentials

Note: If you've just created an account, keep reading. If you already have a verified account, you'll be fast-tracked to create your organisation and you won't see this verification step.

After clicking 'Sign up', you'll be guided to the below wizard, and asked to verify your medical or student credentials:

Select your country you work or study in, and then enter one of our approved email addresses. If you haven't got one of the approved email addresses you can navigate to the 'Upload Photo ID' tab instead, and upload a copy of your healthcare or student photo ID.

β†’ If you submitted an email address, check your inbox, and verify your email via the link.

β†’ If you submitted photo ID, our support team will review it shortly.

Once you've completed all of the above steps, you will be able to set up your Organisation.

4️⃣ Create your organisation

Simply enter the name of your organisation, a logo, its type and a short description of who you are, and what you do. Click create organisation βœ…

5️⃣ Add your team

Now that you've set up an Organisation, you can start adding your team to your account in 'Owner', 'Administrator' or 'Member' roles. To do this go to the wizard on the left hand side of your screen:

β†’ Click 'Membership'

β†’ Then click 'Invitations'

Navigate to 'Invite new members' on the top right hand side of your screen, where you'll be shown the below wizard:

Enter the list of emails you want to invite, specify their role and click 'Send invitations'. The recipients will then receive an email in their inbox, asking them to accept the invite by clicking the link.

You can manage your team by clicking 'members' on the left hand side of your screen, where you'll be see a page similar to the below:

Here, you can manage your team, and change the roles as and when you need. It's worth noting that there are three different roles for your team:



Owners have access to all of the administrative functionality in the organisational portal and all of the data associated with their organisation. Every organisation has, by default, one owner - normally the individual who created the organisation in the first instance. Additional owners can be added to an organisation and ownership can be transferred from the original creator, but each owner must be a verified MedAll user.


Administrators have the same access to functionality and data as owners, but they can be unverified MedAll users (although we strongly recommend verification).


Members do not have access to any of the functionality of the organisational portal or visibility of organisational data. The main reason for inviting members is to give them access to your catch-up material on MedAll.

6️⃣ Create your first event

You've set up an Organisation, and added your team, all that's left is to start educating πŸ™Œ

Don't know where to begin? Check out Create an event on MedAll Live or reach out to [email protected], we're always happy to help.

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