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How to record your procedural experience using MedAll ePortfolio: logbooks
How to record your procedural experience using MedAll ePortfolio: logbooks

Add procedures, cases and reflections to your logbook, send them to supervisors for verification and get a PDF summary of your experience.

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To get started:

  1. Login to your MedAll account.

  2. Click the avatar on the far right and choose ePortfolio from the drop down

  3. Click Logbook

You'll see Procedural, Case and Reflection Logbooks. The steps are very similar for each.

Let's use Procedural Logbook as an example.

Step 1: Add a new procedure

Click "add new"

Step 2: Add details of the procedure

Enter the details of the procedure. We support every specialty.

You will need

  • Where/Institution that the procedure took place in

  • The speciality the procedure is in

  • The procedure name

  • The date of the procedure

  • A description of the procedure

  • The case complexity

  • The level of involvement

  • The level of competence

  • And you can optionally add if there where any complications

Select a procedure from our quick-pick list.

πŸ’‘Tip: If you don't see your procedure just type it in and hit enter. Our system is smart: it learns whether a new procedure is real. If it is, it will add it to our list. If it's one of the first times a new procedure has been used it may take a few times for the tool to add it to the list, but as the tool learns it will soon be there as an option so you won't need to type it in.

Step 3: Optional: Add any attachments required as part of the procedure.

Please do not add any confidential patient information but if you need to record additional forms or similar with your case you can do so by clicking "choose file."

Step 4: Click "Next"

Step 5: Optional: Get individual procedures "approved" by a senior staff member

You can choose to have each procedure assessed by a senior member of staff. Enter their details and the tool will send them a request to approve your logbook entry.

You can also choose to:

  • toggle this off and leave a procedure unassessed/unapproved

  • choose to send a list of procedures for a supervisor to approve in one go (see below for more details)

πŸ’‘Tip: Your assessor does not need a MedAll account to assess your procedure.

Step 6: Optional: Get multiple procedures "approved" in one go

If you would like to get multiple procedures approved in a single go, click the checkboxes beside the "draft" procedures. Then click "request approval for selected items" and enter the details of your assessor. It will allow them to sign all of the procedures off with one click (they can still choose to view the details of each procedure if they wish).

When a supervisor approves your procedure it's status will say: "approved."

Step 7: Get a report of your procedural history

To get a PDF summary click "Report" or to export an excel/CSV of all your information click "Export"

By clicking "Report" you'll get a nice PDF summary for your appraisal or interview, with lots of nice summary statistics:

and your procedural history in detail including the person who assessed each procedure:

Need to send a reminder to assessors?

No problems. Just head to "outstanding assessments" and click the form icon beside the email you sent the procedures to. Then click "send reminder."


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