📑 Receiving a certificate

After an event, you will receive a feedback form, and on completion, a certificate.

Feedback forms are automatically shared at the end of the event, in the chat or they can also be shared retrospectively in other ways, such as:

  • Via an email with the link inside it - this email will be from MedAll, please check your junk if you haven't received it.

  • Via a QR code shared with you by the event organisers.

  • Via a link shared with you by the event organisers.

⚠️ If you have not received a feedback form, please reach out to the organisation who hosted the event.

When completing the feedback form, toggle on 'Add to an existing MedAll account' and enter the email you log into MedAll with. Click 'Submit'.

📑 Storing your certificates

If you have a MedAll account the certificate will be automatically logged in your account 🙌

To view them, login to your MedAll Account, and go to your profile where you'll see your courses and achievements listed. Here, you can view your certificates by selecting 'View all' and then clicking on the PDF icons shown below:

You can log in and view all your automatically logged certificates in your MedAll portfolio at any time 📑

Tip: If you're don't have an account on MedAll, you can claim a certificate by completing the feedback form and selecting 'Generate attendance certificate' toggle at the end and completing the required details.

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